We are on our way back from Luxor to Al-Kahira, the train arrives at 5pm. When travelling in the opposite direction to Aswan last week, we filled the gaps left by our math teachers which somehow failed to tell us that "Arabische Ziffern" are not at all the numbers used in Arabistan. Here, the train arrives at ٠٥:٠٠.

So while drinking my instant coffee for ١٠ EGP, I invite our friends back in Germany to grab a cup of arabica coffee and get yourselfs familiar with the real arabic numbers.

1 = ١
2 = ٢
3 = ٣
4 = ٤
5 = ٥
6 = ٦
7 = ٧
8 = ٨
9 = ٩
0 = ٠

Even if you don't know any word, this can be quite useful when visiting the bazar…

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  1. caleb says:

    Well, I assume that is because our teachers knew that if you wrote "٠.١١٣٧" on you calculator and turned it upside down is didn't spell the word "hello"... 😉

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